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The Harford County lawyers at Rodier Family Law, including Samantha Protokowicz Rodier, Sarah Gable and Krystle Acevedo Howard.

Rodier Family Law

Our firm concentrates in the areas of Divorce and Family Law.

Rodier Family Law, previously Protokowicz & Rodier, has served the Bel Air and the surrounding Maryland areas for over 35 years. The licensed Maryland attorneys of Rodier Family Law offer the knowledge, skill and confidence that you require in an attorney. Our extensive history and experience offers a unique perspective on divorce and family law, one which stems from working strategically to ensure that your best interests are protected. The attorneys at Rodier Family Law work to help you understand your rights as well as both the risks you might face and the options available to you. To schedule your initial consultation and discuss your unique situation, please contact our firm today.

Potential Complications When Dating During the Divorce Process

April 20, 2022

It’s not unusual for a separated spouse to reenter the dating scene before their divorce is officially finalized. People move on, it’s natural, but it’s also undeniable that the timing of a new relationship can impact one’s divorce process. If you are considering dating during the divorce process, it is essential that you consider the…

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Can I Avoid Court When Filing For Divorce?

April 20, 2022

Appearing in court can be a high-anxiety experience, especially during the divorce process. In Maryland, it is not required to spend the entire process in and out of court dates. Here at Rodier Family Law, our experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorneys discuss what can be done to avoid many trips to the courthouse during the…

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Overlooked Steps Involved in the Divorce Process You Need to Know About

March 9, 2022

Many couples going through a divorce are experiencing this process for the first time. Those who are new to the divorce process can overlook certain steps that are necessary for protecting assets and other critical details that may impact your future. It’s important that you don’t rush through a divorce because simple yet important  things…

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How is Private Adoption Different From Public Adoption?

March 9, 2022

Adopting a child is a document intensive, and sometimes lengthy, but fulfilling process. Understanding the process and requirements before beginning is essential to ensure that you can proceed successfully. Below, our team of family law attorneys discuss the step-by-step process for private adoption in Maryland.    Private Versus Public Adoption Private adoptions do not involve…

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Types of Custody and How Maryland Courts Establish Co-Parenting

March 2, 2022

If you and your ex-spouse have decided to file for joint custody, it’s important to understand how the court will establish it. Below, the attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss the various types of court-ordered custody and how Maryland courts establish custody rights to co-parents.    Different Types of Custody Rights in Maryland In the…

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What to Do When A Co-Parent Breaks the Custody Agreement

March 2, 2022

One of the main purposes of a custody agreement is to establish a formal plan for how co-parents will approach childcare after divorce or separation. When one co-parent breaks the custody agreement, it can cause frustration and anger and lead to fractured relationships with the co-parent and children involved. If your ex-partner has broken your…

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Rodier Family Law Welcomes Kristen Barrett to the Team

February 1, 2022

The attorneys at Rodier Family Law are pleased to announce that acclaimed family law attorney Kristen Barrett has joined the firm.  Kristen received a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University, and then continued her education at the Catholic University of America, where she obtained her Juris Doctor degree. Kristen has been representing clients in legal…

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How to Talk to Your Children About Your Divorce

December 28, 2021

Divorce affects not only you and your ex-spouse, but your children as well. One of the best ways to help your children adjust to your divorce is to openly communicate with them. Below, the attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss how to effectively speak to your children about your divorce and custody arrangements.   Take…

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Five Tips for Co-Parenting This Holiday Season

December 23, 2021

With holidays right around the corner, it’s important to communicate what this year’s plans and parenting schedule will be with your ex-spouse. Co-parenting is easiest to navigate with proper communication, consistency, cooperation and planning. Below, the family law attorneys at Rodier Family law discuss five tips for successful co-parenting this holiday season.    Clearly Communicate…

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