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Sarah M. Gable, Esq.


  • Bel Air High School, 2002
  • McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College), Magna Cum Laude, B.A., 2006

Law School:

  • University of Baltimore School of Law, Cum Laude, J.D., 2009


  • Maryland, 2009


  • Maryland State Bar Association
  • Harford County Bar Association
  • Baltimore County Bar Association
  • Women's Bar Association of Maryland
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts


  • Judicial Law Clerk: Hon. William O. Carr, Administrative Judge, Circuit Court for Harford County, 2009-­2010
  • University of Baltimore Law Forum, Associate Editor (2008­-2009)
  • Member: Phi Alpha Delta
  • Harford County Chapter of the Women's Bar Association of Maryland, Secretary ('16-'18)
  • Super Lawyers Rising Star ('17-18')
  • Maryland Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Ambassador Board Member ('16-'18)

Fault or No-Fault: How to Move Forward With Your Divorce Proceedings

November 1, 2021

In order to get divorced you have to first have a ground for divorce. When filing for divorce, you have the option of filing on fault based grounds or no-fault grounds.  Below, the experienced professionals at Rodier Family Law discuss fault vs. no-fault divorce.    No-Fault Grounds In the state of Maryland, an absolute divorce…

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When to Consider Sole Legal Custody of Your Child

November 1, 2021

Deciding whether or not to move forward with filing for sole legal custody of your child can be both an easy and difficult decision. Prior to filing for sole custody, you will want to take all things into consideration and understand the full meaning of sole legal custody. Below, the experienced and professional family lawyers…

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How to Create a Beneficial Custody Agreement With the Help of an Attorney

September 30, 2021

Navigating child custody and visitation rights with a spouse can be a difficult process. Working with a child custody attorney is a beneficial way to make this process easier. Attorneys are equipped to handle the legal intricacies of child custody, a courtroom scenario, or an uncooperative spouse. Below, the child custody attorneys at Rodier Family…

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How to Document Text Messages for Divorce Matters

August 26, 2021

Text messaging is a form of communication we use daily. Texting a partner, friend, family member or coworker is one of the easiest and most modern ways to relay a message. While our cellular devices have many positive uses, they can also be vessels for hateful slander and threatening text messages, especially in the hands…

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What to Do When Navigating a Difficult Divorce

August 26, 2021

Divorce is already emotionally exhausting to navigate. When your spouse is refusing to cooperate during the divorce proceedings, this can make the process even more draining. Below, the experienced attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss how to navigate a difficult divorce and what to do if your spouse is being unreasonable. Recognize Your Spouse’s Reasoning…

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Special Considerations for Estate Planning With Children

August 26, 2021

Planning for your children after your death is something no parent ever wants to do. However, it’s important to create a will in order to ensure your assets are divided amongst your family members correctly after you pass. A will allows you to take control of your children’s future and prevent having to rely on…

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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

August 3, 2021

Hiring an estate planning attorney can help relieve some of the stress associated with writing your own will and securing your assets. One misspelled word or omitted signature can alter an estate plan. Consulting with an estate planning attorney can prevent mistakes from happening and ensure that your assets are placed in the right hands.…

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Seven Ways You Can Get Ahead in the Estate Planning Process

August 3, 2021

Estate planning may appear to be something you can put off until later, but life can be unpredictable. Preserving your assets is something you should not put off. Estate planning is the process of deciding who will inherit your assets and take care of your obligations when you die or in the event you become…

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What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Is Not Following Your Custody Agreement

July 2, 2021

Divorce already places strain on a family, especially if children are involved. An ex-spouse that refuses to follow the agreed-upon parenting plan heightens the stress even more. If your ex refuses to follow the parenting plan decided by the Courts, there are steps you can take to file for contempt. Here, the Bel Air child…

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