Three Things to Consider Before You and Your Spouse Divorce

The family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law offer three steps to help prepare for the divorce process.

Although marriage signifies forever, let’s face it—forever is not always the reality. Everyone encounters different situations in life, and one thing can lead to another, which can result in divorce. There is no easy way to broach the subject, but being prepared can help ease some of the stress and limit the amount of surprises that may appear along the way.

Before committing to divorce, seeking counseling with your spouse could be beneficial in determining if marriage is still desired by both parties.  If divorce is still the preferred option, consider these three steps before beginning the process:

Speak With an Attorney Before Moving Out of the Marital Home

In Maryland, certain grounds for an absolute divorce require the parties to be living separate and apart for a specified minimum amount of time before you can file. In other words, someone may need move out of the home for the divorce to be finalized. Consulting with an attorney before you move out can provide you with insight as to whether moving is necessary and what documents you may need to keep in your possession if you or your spouse leaves the martial home.

Cut Expenses as a Single Household

Your household will now be moving from two to one, and it is vital that you understand your financial standpoint, how divorce will affect this, and how to navigate finances moving forward. It is important to know your expenses and where you stand financially on your own. Knowing this information will be key in moving your case along and will also help you avoid missteps when discussing the necessity of spousal support.

Protect Your Credit After Divorce

Remember to close any joint credit and/or bank accounts you have. This means checking accounts, savings accounts, etc. As long as your spouse’s name is on the account they will have access to the funds. Closing these accounts promptly protects you and your credit history, and allows you to see your full financial picture.

For more information on the beginning process of divorce, contact the family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law.