3 New Divorce Laws in Maryland

The family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law explain three new laws related to the divorce process that were recently passed by the Maryland Legislature.

In a recent 2015 session, Legislature passed three new bills that will affect the divorce process in Maryland. Moving forward, couples will have now have more control in determining when and why they wish to end their marriage.

The first bill passed reduces the Maryland residency requirement for filing for divorce if the grounds for divorce arose outside the state. Prior to the rule change, couples were required to wait a minimum of one year before they could file, and this time frame has now been reduced to six months.

The second bill that was passed requested that there be improvements to the limited divorce procedures, specifically by providing additional clarification and a more simplified reasoning for which a couple can obtain a limited divorce. This law will now recognize that if a couple no longer lives together and one spouse wishes to terminate the marriage, neither a court nor the state of Maryland should interfere with the limited divorce process.

The third bill introduces an entirely new ground, or legal reason, for a divorce. Under this new law, couples who do not have children and have worked out all of the terms for their divorce in writing will be able to bypass waiting up to a full year before seeking a divorce from the court. In addition, these couples may also have the opportunity to live in the same residence while undergoing a divorce in circumstances where the finances are tight, thus allowing couples to have more control in decision-making situations that personally affect them.

The recognition and acceptance of these three new laws has proven to be a momentous transformation for Maryland in regards to family law. Maryland is among one of the last states to adopt a number of state laws that address the many issues and ramifications associated with divorce. In passing the three bills, Maryland is making huge steps towards modernizing divorce laws throughout the state.

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