The Divorce Team: Who You Need on Your Side and Why

The divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law explain the components of a divorce team and the importance of each throughout the divorce process.

No matter what stage of life you and your spouse are in when you decide to divorce, there’s always some despair or stress that surfaces. When confirming with yourself and your spouse that it’s time for a divorce, many people find themselves asking the question, “What do I do now?” Rather than feeling sorry for yourself and proceeding through the process alone, build a solid divorce team that will leave you feeling fulfilled and confident when the divorce is finalized.

The first member you should recruit for your divorce team is a divorce attorney. Investing in a divorce attorney is one of the most (if not, the most) important steps you can take when embarking on this new journey. He or she will know the state’s divorce laws and courtroom procedures, provide an impartial opinion and consider your best interest throughout the duration of the process, in addition to serving many other roles. However, your representation throughout the course of your divorce doesn’t stop there. Many people fail to realize that superior success in a divorce stems from a collaborate effort between additional professionals and your divorce attorney.

Once you’ve selected a divorce attorney (after careful consideration, of course), your next recruit should be an accountant that has extensive experience in divorce financial planning and investigation. Adding this member to your divorce team will prove advantageous as he or she can perform critical financial tasks such as clarifying tax implications of particular divorce settlement options.

In many divorce cases, more specialized accountants and financial experts are required, which includes a forensic accountant, a valuation expert and a real estate appraiser. These professionals perform specific duties depending on the nature of your case, so consult with your divorce attorney to determine whether hiring one of these financial resources is necessary. For example, if your spouse owns a business and you begin to see signs that he or she may be hiding marital assets, a forensic accountant can perform some investigations to help provide evidence of whether this is true.

The third member you should consider having on your divorce team is a licensed therapist or counselor. As previously stated, divorce is an emotionally draining experience that has the unsurpassed ability to leave life-altering effects on a person’s life. Consulting with a qualified therapist throughout your divorce process can help you cope with your feelings as various, or unexpected, situations unfold so that you can work with the other members of your divorce team to make strategic, levelheaded decisions regarding your case.

If children play a role in the divorce, you’ll want to consider enlisting the expertise of a child therapist to provide your children with the necessary resources for enduring this process too. Regardless of the resulting behaviors, every child is affected by a divorce in the family, which is why it’s imperative to address their feelings so they can build strong, loving relationships with each individual parent. In the event that parties are litigating child custody, and children’s counsel is appointed, it is possible that the children’s advocate may be able to discuss the children’s needs and concerns with the therapist or be in a position to waive the children’s privilege so that he or she can testify if absolutely necessary.

Build an elite divorce team with the players listed above and you’ll have the professional expertise and support you need to have the greatest chance of emerging from your divorce with the best possible outcomes for a prosperous future.

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The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide about the subject matter. A licensed Maryland attorney should be sought about your specific circumstances.