The Five Questions You Should Be Asking Your Divorce Attorney

A divorce is a stressful, time-consuming and often costly event—that is why it is essential to have a trustworthy divorce attorney on your side during the process. In order for the process of a divorce to run as smoothly as possible, you should have your important questions answered by your divorce attorney before the process begins. Here, the divorce and family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law provide five important questions you should consider asking during your initial interview with your divorce attorney.

What is Your Experience in Handling Divorce Cases?

It is important to work with a divorce attorney who has extensive experience in the issues that impact your case – custody, child support, alimony, military issues, etc. Speaking with a qualified divorce attorney who has knowledge of complex legal principles surrounding divorce will benefit you immensely. It is also important to know your attorney’s fee structure, whether they have extensive knowledge in alimony and marital asset allocation and whether they will allow direct negotiation with your spouse.

How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

Because the process of a divorce can require substantial amounts of time and money, it is important to consult an experienced divorce attorney about their how long they reasonably feel your case will be resolved after review. Divorces can range in complexity—simple cases, with minimal financial conflict and no children, may take much less time and effort to complete than a divorce dealing with child custody issues and financial and asset disagreements. Beginning the process with a basic understanding of your timeline will help you best prepare for the situation.

How Can I Manage the Cost of My Divorce?

While the divorce process can be costly, having an efficient plan in place with an experienced lawyer can ease the burden. Understanding the general cost of hiring private investigators, forensic specialists, accountants and psychologists, if needed, will help you better prepare financially for your divorce. Also, it is important to talk to your divorce attorney about their own pay rate, whether it is fixed or hourly, and whether you will also have to set money aside to pay for meetings with paralegals or other lawyers involved in the case.

What Are My Chances of Obtaining Custody for My Children?

If children are involved in the divorce, and you and your spouse disagree on who will retain custody, it is essential to discuss your chances of obtaining custody of your children with your divorce attorney. Child custody in a divorce proceeding can be influenced by a variety of factors, so it is important to clearly establish your priorities in your initial consultation with a divorce attorney—especially since child custody disputes can prolong a divorce proceeding.

What are the Legal Guidelines for Splitting Our Marital Assets

It is important to discuss and educate yourself regarding the allocation of your assets with an experienced divorce attorney. Understanding the legal framework for dividing marital assets in a divorce will help the entire process run more efficiently and give you more peace of mind as you begin the process.

Speak to a Divorce Attorney at Rodier Family Law About Any Questions You May Have

Divorce is a difficult situation that affects everyone involved, and anyone going through a divorce deserves an experienced lawyer who can handle their individual case with the care it, and you, deserve. The divorce and family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law have extensive history handling divorce and understand the intricacies of child custody and alimony issues. If you have any questions about how to navigate the intricacies of a divorce, contact us today.