Setting Boundaries After Divorce

Even after your divorce is finalized, you may still have to communicate with your former spouse, especially if children are involved. Here, the Bel Air divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law offer tips to setting healthy boundaries after divorce that are necessary in maintaining a cordial relationship with your ex. 

Create a Healthy Environment

After a married couple goes through a divorce, it is important for each individual to create an environment that supports their individual lifestyle and nurtures their healing. This may mean removing reminders of your former spouse from your home, including pictures and personal belongings. You can do this by redecorating your home to suit your style and needs, reclaiming your space and surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones who can help you through this difficult time. Creating a space that feels like yours, and not your spouse’s, will help you confidently move into the next chapter of your life.

Communicate Respectfully

Depending on the amiability of your divorce, you may already have a healthy relationship with your former partner. However, if your divorce left you and your spouse on bad terms, you may have stirring feelings of resentment and anger towards each other. While divorce attorneys will tell you that this is a completely natural feeling after going through a complex divorce, try to be as respectful to each other as possible during times of communication, especially in front of any children you may share. Make it a goal to respect each other’s needs, keep phone calls brief and remain as neutral as possible during conversations.

Keep Your Personal Lives Separate

One of the most essential practices after a divorce is to protect your privacy and separate your personal life from your spouse’s. Staying interested in your spouse’s new home, romantic partners or life events can complicate your path to emotional healing, making it more difficult to move on with your own personal life. While it may be hard to stay disinterested in the happenings of your former spouse’s life, it is always best to focus on your own personal growth and let your partner make their own decisions. While all divorced couples have unique relationships to each other, and you may find that keeping each other involved in your personal lives does not impede your growth, always be thoughtful of the information you share with your former spouse and the ways in which you interact with them. 

Find Acceptance

While experiencing divorce can be an emotionally turbulent process, acceptance is crucial for healthy growth. By coming to terms with what happened, and making peace with your past, you can more easily develop your personal life, maintain a cordial relationship with your former partner, meet new people, nurture a healthy relationship with your children and honor the boundaries you set. 

The Divorce Attorneys At Rodier Family Law Can Help You Through the Divorce Process

Divorce is a sensitive and stressful event, and when you and your ex-spouse share children, setting boundaries and overcoming hard feelings can be overwhelming. The divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law can help the process go as smoothly as possible to ensure you are in the emotional place to handle your new life moving forward. We want you to find a system of communication that works for you and your ex-spouse so that every party involved in the divorce can move on with peace and acceptance. For more information on the services provided at Rodier Family Law, contact our Bel Air office today.