Dating As a Parent Post-Separation

If you and your spouse have just recently separated, the idea of entering the dating world may be on your mind. If you are a parent interested in dating after separation, but are wondering how this decision may impact you and your child, the qualified divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law have provided guidance on how to more easily handle this situation.

Understand a Marital Settlement Agreement

If a couple chooses to separate from one another, they can choose to enter into a marital settlement agreement. Typically, this marital settlement agreement is incorporated into the Judgment of Absolute Divorce in lieu of the parties litigating their divorce.

Consider How This Will Impact Your Divorce Finalization and Custody Case

When pursuing a new relationship after separating, it is important to know how this can affect court proceedings for your divorce and potential custody case. Be aware of the keen differences in separation and divorce as it relates to dating a new spouse. In Maryland, having sexual relations with another partner while you are still legally married even if it is after you are separated can be grounds for adultery. If found to have committed adultery you technically can still be charged with a misdemeanor in alimony, although this is usually unlikely. Adultery could also have an impact on any award of alimony in a case. Additionally, adultery is considered a reason for a fault-based divorce in Maryland, and may lead to additional financial complications.

Dating after separation may also impact your custody case. Generally speaking, in Maryland court determinations regarding custody are made based on the best interest of the child, which includes factors relating to home life. If you have not finalized your divorce, dating or moving in with a new partner may create issues in your case especially if your spouse or children take issue with your new partner.

Consult The Qualified Divorce Attorneys at Rodier Family Law To Learn More

Dating after separation, more often than not, is a family affair. If you have recently separated from your spouse and are interested in filing for divorce, seeking help from professional counsel can help you navigate the divorce and child custody process with peace-of-mind. For help moving through the process of divorce, contact the Bel Air attorneys at Rodier Family Law today.