How to Gain Full Custody Of Your Children If You Are Leaving an Abusive Relationship

As a parent, your children are your entire world. Ensuring that they remain safe, healthy and secure is truly what matters most. 

While it is one thing for you and your ex-spouse to not be able to co-parent effectively, if your children are in danger or have been previously impacted by an abusive parent, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe. It is vital to gain custody of your children if their safety and wellbeing are at risk. Here, the Harford County divorce and custody attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss the process of obtaining full custody, and how to navigate the intricacies of court proceedings during this time.

Understand That Abuse is Not Always Physical

One aspect of abuse that can go overlooked, or be grossly downplayed, is that abuse can take emotional or psychological forms. Emotional abuse can be just as traumatizing to children as other forms of abuse or neglect, and is often more convoluted to detect. Emotional abuse can take many forms, including demonstrating a lack of regard for the child, reciting harmful or threatening statements, acting in an overtly controlling or manipulative manner, or creating an emotionally unhealthy or isolated environment. In any case of abuse, one of the most crucial steps that you can take as a parent is to document every piece of evidence that you are able to note. Photos, text messages or voicemails verifying your ex-spouse’s abusive behavior needs to be brought to the direct attention of your family lawyer so that you will have evidence to support your position in court. If you are unable to do this, consider seeking additional guidance from medical professionals who can administer a mental or physical wellness exam and provide insight into your, or your child’s, wellbeing.

Work With Your Legal Team for Solace and Legal Support

When it comes to cases involving abuse of children, quick decision making and action is required. If you have discovered your ex-spouse may be displaying violent or abusive behavior that is a threat to the wellbeing of your children, and you currently do not have sole custody, there is action you can take with the assistance of your legal team. If you believe that your child is in danger at the hands of your ex-spouse, work with a custody lawyer, such as those at Rodier Family Law, to file an ex-parte motion for a temporary order. Ex-parte orders can provide temporary immediate relief without the approval of the party in question. If your ex-parte order is granted, may be temporarily granted custody of your children until a hearing takes place. From here, you will be able to gather additional information and strategize with your legal team on the best way to proceed in seeking to maintain full custody. 

Obtain a Protective Order and Create a Plan for Your Future

After you acquire a temporary order to keep your children safe, it is vital that you create a comprehensive plan with your legal team for both during and after the custody hearing. When you are granted sole custody, this means that you are able to make all decisions with regards to your child’s education, medical treatment and religious upbringing. If you are awarded sole legal and physical custody you also have the right to determine where your child will live and who is allowed to be around or contact your child. When preparing for your custody hearing, it is important that you show both your legal team and the court that you have a resolute plan in place for your children’s future, including significant necessities such as housing, schooling and medical care. When abuse is involved, and you have a legal team with extensive custody experience on your side, you can be confident that this team will do absolutely everything in their power to get you full custody so that your children can live a life free from hurt and fear.

Consult the Bel Air Child Custody Attorneys at Rodier Family Law

Custody battles are taxing, and when your child’s wellbeing may be at stake, it is clear that legal counsel is essential in the matter. Seeking help from experienced custody attorneys not only provides you with comfort as you move through this process, but equips you with a dedicated team of advocates to fight tirelessly for your rights, and for the safety of your children. To learn how the child custody attorneys at Rodier Family Law can assist you with your family matter, contact our Harford County office today.