The Link Between Social Media and Divorce

Social media is ever-present in today’s culture, and while it can be entertaining, it can also play a significant role in unhealthy relationships and marriages. In recent years, social media has begun to play a role in many divorce cases, from proof of infidelity through text messages or social media, to domestic violence and emotional abuse disputes as parties track or spy on their significant other. Below are some unsettling statistics regarding social media and relationships that may surprise you. 

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*Social Media & Divorce Infographic Sources

12% of people in a romantic relationship have experienced digital abuse from their partner

10% of Americans admitted to using apps to track their partners’ social media messages, texts, calls and photos.

5.3 million women have been sexually harassed, tracked by GPS and had their social media controlled by their intimate partner.

Half of Americans say they have snooped on their partner’s phone. Of this, 21% found that their partner was cheating on them.

37% of Americans believe that actively creating a dating profile is not considered cheating.