Social Media & Divorce: Your Digital Life Has an Impact

Social media has an impact on every aspect of our everyday lives: school, work, family, and even divorce. If you are currently going through a divorce, you may already be experiencing high levels of stress and overwhelming emotions. A study conducted by researchers at Boston University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile found a strong negative correlation between the use of social media and the quality of partnership in a marriage. Even though social media may not be the sole deciding factor to end your marriage, it does have a significant impact.

Here, the divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss what to avoid on social media before, during, and after your divorce, as well as the potential impacts your digital presence and activity online may have on your case.


What to Avoid on Social Media During Divorce


While social media can be used as an outlet to communicate digitally or express creativity, it is crucial to realize the potential harm it can have on healthy marriages. Whether you are currently experiencing or even contemplating a divorce, there are several things you should avoid regarding your social media activity.

With tension and emotions running high, it may be tempting to snub or vent about your partner on your social media accounts. It is important to avoid doing so at all costs, as your social media profiles can be used against you during your proceedings. Setting your account profiles to private, removing questionable friends or connections from your lists are also recommended but be mindful that even a private post on social media could be used against you later.


How Social Media is Used as Evidence in Divorce Proceedings


During the proceeding, you and your digital activity will be under close scrutiny by both your spouse and his/her attorney. Your social media will be investigated, and could possibly be used against you in your case. Censoring your current activity, as well as reviewing your past, could save you from difficult defenses that could arise against you in court, such as a photo with a new date drinking alcohol or liking inappropriate comments or posts. Also consider your accounts’ current state of privacy. Even if all of your social media accounts are set to private, you and your spouse may share the same networks or mutual friends. It only takes one person, who may have taken sides or have ulterior motives, to divulge information regarding your digital activity to your spouse. Copies of your social media accounts and posts could also be requested during the discovery process by the opposing party or their attorney.


Digital Activity During and After the Divorce


During your divorce, take added precautions when using your social media accounts, especially regarding your posts. Consider if those whom you remain digital friends with are truly going to be looking out for your best interests. It is strongly encouraged to avoid posting about your divorce on social media in any capacity, as well as drafting up an agreement with your spouse regarding posts with or about your children, if applicable.

After your divorce, you are typically free to post what you wish on your social media accounts if you are childfree, even though it would still be wise to avoid posting about your ex-spouse. However, with a case involving children, there may be implications to posting certain content online. Staying digitally connected with your ex may be beneficial if your kids participate in social media, whether it is through your ex’s accounts or their own. Once again, it is crucial to remain cordial in your digital interactions with your ex, as your social media presence can serve as a reflection of your parenting and the lives of your children.


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