What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Is Not Following Your Custody Agreement

Divorce already places strain on a family, especially if children are involved. An ex-spouse that refuses to follow the agreed-upon parenting plan heightens the stress even more. If your ex refuses to follow the parenting plan decided by the Courts, there are steps you can take to file for contempt. Here, the Bel Air child custody lawyers at Rodier Family Law outline three things you can do if your ex refuses to follow the requirements of the custody agreement. 


Thoroughly Document Your Ex-Spouse’s Violations


If your ex-spouse has violated your custody agreement, be sure to document as much evidence as possible. Use a calendar to keep track of your co-parenting schedule and note when your ex does not follow the plan. For example, document when your ex-spouse is supposed to return your child back to you and keep a record of when they fail to follow through with this responsibility. 


Additionally, it may be beneficial to keep a record of your ex-spouse’s social media activity. Since all social media posts have their own time stamps, this could be useful to determine whether they were following the parenting plan agreements or not. For example, if your ex-spouse posts a photo with your child outside of their scheduled time, this could be used against them in court if you decide to pursue further action.


Discuss the Situation with Your Ex Outside of the Courtroom


Before deciding to pursue matters further in court, you may wish to try discussing the situation with your ex-spouse outside of the courtroom, depending on your civility with them. One possible way to go about this is to have your attorney write a letter to either your ex-spouse or their attorney expressing your concerns regarding their parenting plan violations. This could either prevent a courtroom proceeding if their actions happened to be unintentional. It will also demonstrate that you are determined to maintain your prearranged parental rights. 


File for Contempt


If you have tried all other possible considerations and your ex-spouse continues to break their custody arrangement, you may want to consider filing for contempt. By serving your ex with a contempt order, they will be forced to appear in court and reveal why they have ignored your custody agreement. Unless your ex has ignored your custody arrangement more than once, it may be appropriate to address the situation outside of the courtroom. However, for cases with repeated violations, a court proceeding may be necessary.


Seek Assistance from the Bel Air Family Law Attorneys at Rodier Family Law


If you have recently gone through a divorce and your ex appears to be ignoring the custody agreement put in place, you should consult with a trusted family law attorney as soon as possible. Located in Harford County, our firm is here to provide support and guidance to help you receive the outcome you deserve. Our child custody attorneys at Rodier Family Law understand how important your relationship is with your child and will fight for you to maintain the optimal parenting plan for your family. To schedule a consultation with a member of our firm, call (410) 803-1839.