Five Reasons Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Hiring an estate planning attorney can help relieve some of the stress associated with writing your own will and securing your assets. One misspelled word or omitted signature can alter an estate plan. Consulting with an estate planning attorney can prevent mistakes from happening and ensure that your assets are placed in the right hands. Below, the attorneys at Rodier Family law discuss five reasons why hiring an estate planning attorney is important.

An Estate Planning Attorney Can Clarify Maryland State Laws Regarding Your Estate Plan

There are certain regulations and laws that must be followed when executing a will and other estate planning documents. These laws are specific to what can and cannot be included in a will, trust, or medical or financial power of attorney.

These laws also define who can and cannot witness these documents, as well as the requirements that must be followed when they are executed. Hiring an experienced estate planning attorney can prevent you from making any errors when planning your will. They will be able to guide you through the legal processes without stress or strain.

Legal Help Allows You to Create a Solid Plan

Deciding where your assets should go and when they should be accessible to people can be a difficult decision. You want to have a consolidated plan for what happens to your assets after you are gone and an estate planning attorney can help you with this process.

There are resources available that you can use to establish an estate plan, but these services or counseling may not be secure. An estate planning attorney can ensure that you receive the advice and proper documentation you need to secure a consolidated estate plan. They are familiar with the legal documents, financial instruments, terminology and protocols required to implement your financial plan.

Your Estate Plan Can Be Revised By An Estate Attorney

After consulting with an estate planning attorney and creating an estate plan, you will need to update it as your life changes. It is ideal that you review your estate plan at least once a year.

Life is unpredictable and you never know what might happen in the future. Substantial changes may happen in your life or your beneficiary‚Äôs life. Because of life’s uncertainties, consulting with an estate planning attorney can provide you with support and guidance as you adjust your estate.

It Is Cost-Efficient For Your Beneficiaries

If you do not hire an estate planning attorney and decide to utilize your available resources, such as online legal services, it may be expensive for your family members down the line. Creating an estate plan yourself has its risks, such as the court rejecting your documents. It also increases the risk of misspelled words or illegible signatures.

If your family needs to consult with an estate planning attorney due to errors on your documents, it may create a financial burden. Hiring a will and estate planning attorney now can take the potential financial strain off of your family, as well as ensure your assets are distributed according to your estate plan.

Will and Estate Planning Attorneys Can Assist In Resolving Complicated Circumstances

An estate planning attorney can organize complicated business and family circumstances with ease. There are many family and life aspects that can affect and alter estate planning. Consulting with a professional can help avoid any roadblocks or difficulties you may encounter when planning your estate.

Contact An Estate Planning Attorney At Rodier Family Law Today

Developing an estate plan can be difficult and complex. An estate plan not only allows you to clearly express how you want your financial affairs to be handled, but it also lowers the chances of disagreement among loved ones who are potentially responsible for your estate. To get in contact with an experienced and knowledgeable will and estate planning attorney, contact the Bel Air attorneys at Rodier Family Law today. Our office number is (410) 803-1839.