How to Document Text Messages for Divorce Matters

Text messaging is a form of communication we use daily. Texting a partner, friend, family member or coworker is one of the easiest and most modern ways to relay a message. While our cellular devices have many positive uses, they can also be vessels for hateful slander and threatening text messages, especially in the hands of an abusive partner.

Going through a divorce is already a high-stress situation. If your spouse is taking their anger or heartbreak out on you by sending threatening text messages, it is important that you do not delete these messages off of your phone. This is because texts can be used as evidence in court. While text messages are permissible in court, how you acquire these messages may impact their value in your case. Below, the Harford County divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss how to document text messages during your divorce case.

Resources to Use For Test Message Documentation

The date and time that text messages were sent and received and the contact information for all parties involved impact how valuable or relevant text messages are if they are presented in court.

Below are examples of technologies that may be used to restore, preserve, and print text messages for legal purposes:

SMS Export
SMS Export is a software application that is compatible with both Mac and Windows programs that allows you to export text messages directly from your iPhone to your computer. These messages can be converted to SMS databases including Excel, text, CSV or HTML.

Decipher Text Message
Decipher allows you to save and/or print your iPhone text messages and restore deleted messages. These messages will have time and date stamps to ensure your messages will be admissible in court.

PhoneView is only compatible with Apple products. With a single click, you can access your voicemails, iMessages, SMS/MMS, WhatsApp messages, call history, pictures, app data, notes, file storage, voice memos, and contacts. PhoneView also saves your messages, call history, and voicemails so you can view them even if you don’t have access to your iPhone.

CopyTrans Contacts
This software allows you to manage contacts, calendars, notes, and messages from SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber, and Line in a variety of formats and transfer them to your computer.

Each of these programs allows you to document where text messages originated from as well as the date and time they were sent or received. Text messages must be authenticated before they can be used as evidence, which is why accessing your spouse’s phone could ultimately hurt your case. If these messages are not gathered in a lawful manner, the evidence will be inadmissible.

Seek Assistance with A Divorce Attorney at Rodier Family Law

Many individuals going through a difficult divorce are not aware that their spouse’s incriminating text messages can be used in court. They can be used as evidence of your spouse’s abusive behaviors, or even work in your favor during child custody proceedings.

Our experienced attorneys at Rodier Family Law want to be a valuable resource to you during your divorce; we provide candid and straightforward advice from a place of empathy and honesty. Our team can help you navigate the difficult intricacies of divorce and help you collect helpful and viable evidence that can help you in your case. To learn more about our attorneys and what we can do to help, contact us today.