Overlooked Steps Involved in the Divorce Process You Need to Know About

Many couples going through a divorce are experiencing this process for the first time. Those who are new to the divorce process can overlook certain steps that are necessary for protecting assets and other critical details that may impact your future. It’s important that you don’t rush through a divorce because simple yet important  things can get overlooked or even forgotten about. Below, the experienced divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss often overlooked steps in the divorce process that couples considering divorce should know. 

Assess Your Current Prenuptial Agreements 

A prenuptial agreement, if you have one, may expedite the divorce process if your agreement is up-to-date. If recent life events have occurred and circumstances have changed, your prenup may no longer be valid. During your divorce process, you may uncover information that directly relates to components of your prenuptial contract, and you may even learn that the contract was invalid from the start because your spouse neglected to disclose information at the time of your agreement. You should have your prenuptial agreement reviewed by an attorney to confirm that it is valid and up-to-date.


Dividing Property

According to peopleslaw.org, Marital Property in Maryland consists of many categories of items, to include houses, cars, furniture, appliances, stocks, bonds, jewelry, bank accounts, pensions, retirement plans and IRA’s. Regardless of who purchased the property, if it was “acquired” during the marriage, it is considered marital property. Any property acquired before the marriage is considered non-marital property. If you and your ex-spouse are unable to agree upon how to separate your assets, the court will determine how your assets will be divided. If you have concerns about marital and non-marital property, it’s important to speak with an attorney, such as the divorce attorneys at Rodier Family Law, so they can provide you legal guidance. 


Review Your Estate Plan

If you put together an estate plan during your marriage, you most likely will need to modify it. If you were to pass away unexpectedly following your divorce and you have not modified your estate plan, your ex-spouse can potentially still have access to your assets. Review any beneficiary designations you have appointed for financial accounts including life insurance policies and retirement funds. 


Speak To An Experienced Divorce Attorney At Rodier Family Law 

The divorce process can be a tumultuous and emotional time, and the added stress can cause you to overlook important aspects in your divorce. At Rodier Family Law, we don’t want you to overlook these decisions and important matters that can affect your future long after the divorce is finalized. If you are considering divorce and want to ensure your assets are protected, contact our office to schedule a one-hour consultation and speak to an experienced attorney by calling us at (410) 803-1839.