What to Look for in a Family Lawyer

Choosing the best family law attorney may help you feel more at ease and achieve better outcomes, whether you’re thinking about divorce, trying to resolve custody issues, coordinating an adoption, or dealing with another family law issue. Below, the attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss what to look for in a family lawyer. 


Positive Reviews

Online testimonials are helpful in providing knowledge on the client’s perspective of their experience working with the attorney. In addition, it is helpful to research the attorneys to ensure that they have the proper credentials. At Rodier Family Law, we offer consultations to discuss your case to see if one of our attorneys is a good fit for you. 


Comfort and Trust

Throughout your case, your lawyer is your partner. The baggage that may come with your case may be sensitive or private. The key to comfort and trust is proper communication. You want to ensure that you trust your attorney and that you feel comfortable communicating all of the information regarding your case with them. 


Honesty and Transparency

At your initial consultation, be sure to ask questions. You will want to know if the attorney has experience with cases similar to yours, as well as how they handled the case and the outcome. You can also ask questions like what their strategy will be to handle the case, as well as a timeframe. It is also important that you are transparent with your attorney and provide them with all of the information they need to best represent you.



You want to make sure that your family law attorney is responsive. When you are communicating with your attorney, you will want to be informed of decisions that are made during your case. It is also essential that your attorney is focused on your case when you are meeting with them. 


Choosing the Right Attorney 

Deciding on the right attorney can be difficult, but following these tips can help you pick the right attorney to represent you. 


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