What You Need to Know About Financial Settlements After Divorce

Divorce can be a complex and emotional process, especially when your finances are split. In this article, the experienced attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss six things you need to know about financial settlements after divorce. 


Many People Run Through Their Settlement Money Quickly

Many divorcing people burn through their settlement money rapidly. It is important to not solely rely on your settlement money for all your financial needs. 


Avoid Making Financial Decisions for a While

After a divorce, many people decide to spend a lot of their money to improve their lives. It is important to avoid making any large financial decisions for a while following a divorce so you do not accrue any debt. This will give you time to plan and budget for your future.


Seek Expert Advice

The financial changes following a divorce may be extremely stressful for some individuals. Sometimes it is best to get expert advice from a financial expert to help budget and plan for the upcoming years. 


Your Lifestyle Changes May Affect Your Finances

After a divorce, each spouse is living off of one paycheck. If you are not working, or are underemployed, it may be important to find a job after divorce so that you do not run through your money as quickly. You need to be updating and adjusting your budget in order to  keep track of how much money you are earning and spending post-divorce in order to decide if you need to change your spending habits, seek different employment, etc.. 


Taxes Might Play A Role in Your Finances

Make sure to connect with a tax consultant to figure out if your income tax withholding should change according to your marital status or credits for children. Set aside some money to cover your tax consultant so that you can figure out if your taxes are affected. 


Earning Money is More Essential After Your Divorce

After a divorce, you are only relying on one paycheck so it is important to figure out if your funds are working for you. It is also important to keep your retirement plan in mind. After a divorce you may be very stressed out about your current situation but it is important that you also think about your future.


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Divorce is an emotional process that involves rethinking your finances. These six tips can help you understand what your financial situation might look like after your divorce. If you have any questions about divorce settlements before or after a divorce, contact the experienced family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law today.