Should You Contest Your Divorce? A Divorce Lawyer Answers

Divorce can be a complex and emotional process. When years of commingled lives end in disagreement it can be difficult to reach a settlement with your spouse that suits everyone’s needs. In this article, the experienced attorneys at Rodier Family Law discuss four reasons why you should contest your divorce.

What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce occurs when spouses cannot come to an agreement on divorce issues like alimony. After a divorce is contested, the case ends up in court where a judge is in charge of making the decisions. Typically a contested divorce takes at least three to four months to get to trial which is much longer than an uncontested divorce that usually takes between six weeks to two months. 

Four Reasons to Choose a Contested Divorce

It is difficult to come to an agreement during a divorce. Emotions are heightened and many people experience stress that can cause spouses to act out. Below, we have highlighted four reasons why a contested divorce may be beneficial. 

  • The Other Spouse is Acting Unreasonably 

There is only so much you can compromise on when it comes to divorce agreements. Sometimes your spouse may act unreasonable and cause the divorce process to drag on longer than expected. If your spouse is acting unreasonably, it may be best to take action and choose to contest your divorce so the agreement is handled fairly. 

  • The Other Spouse is Hiding Assets

During the divorce process, each spouse must file a disclosure listing the property that they hold. Your lawyer might have run an asset check on the other spouse and discovered that there are assets they may be concealing. Concealing assets is illegal and by contesting your divorce, the court will oversee the discovery process and punish the other spouse for hiding their assets.

  • For Your Children

If the proposed custody or visitation arrangement is not in the best interests of your child, you should contest your divorce. A judge will determine what type of custody agreement will best serve your child and will consider you and your other spouse’s ability to provide for you child.

  • Your Spouse Was Abusive

If your spouse was abusive, contesting your divorce can be the right move to ensure your safety and your child’s safety. A judge will make custody restrictions on the abusive spouse in order to prevent further abuse. 

When Contesting a Divorce is the Wrong Choice

Contesting a divorce takes a much longer time. The process is complex and hostile which often causes more conflict between spouses. If there are no children or property involved, contesting a divorce is may be the wrong decision. In most divorce cases people disagree on things and compromises must be made. Just because you do not initially agree with a set of divorce terms does not necessarily mean that you should choose to contest your divorce. If you cannot come to an agreement after a while, you may want to contest your divorce. For specific questions or advice on contesting a divorce, contact Rodier Family Law. 

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Divorce is an emotional process that involves both spouses coming to an agreement. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, you should consider contesting your divorce. If you have any questions about contesting a divorce, contact the experienced family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law today at 410.803.1839.