What to Do When You Are Concerned for Your Child’s Safety During Visitation

Custody rights can feel hard to navigate, especially if you worry for your child’s safety when they are with the other parent. Here, the team of Bel Air divorce and family lawyers at Rodier Family Law outlines the legal avenues you can take to protect your child if you are concerned for their wellbeing during custody time with the other parent. 

You Can Express Your Concerns About Your Child’s Safety In Court

If you have a true fear that your ex could harm either you or your child during their custody time, the court could treat your fear as a legitimate concern in your custody battle. Before even making a decision regarding the custody of your child, a judge would weigh the evidence presented in your case. It will be up to you and your attorney to prove the allegations in your case regarding your child’s safety, whether it pertains to domestic violence, abuse, or allegations of abuse. Family protective services may also get involved, if necessary, which can have an impact on your custody case. All of these elements can be important for the court in determining what decision to make regarding the custody of your child or the visitation rights of each parent.

It is Advised to Document All Possible Occurrences of Problematic Behavior

In some cases, the other parent in question may accuse you of developing false accusations regarding their threatening behavior or the state of your child’s safety. There are several steps that you can take in order to protect your child, your rights as a parent, as well as your case if this were to occur. If your ex has a problematic past of physical or emotional abuse, be sure to take record of all possible occurrences including police reports, medical records, or any relevant evidence. 

Furthermore, if either you or your child has experienced abuse or trauma, and continues to show symptoms, you should seek out a qualified and trustworthy therapist or mental health professional. This therapist or mental health professional may be able to review your child’s case, present their expert opinion in court, and potentially help benefit the case in your favor. 

Sole Custody and Protection Orders Exist for Victims

If the safety of your child is of immediate concern, you should express your concerns to the court as soon as possible. The best solution is often to file for sole custody, for which you will need evidence, such as harmful or threatening texts, voicemails, or witness accounts. Protective orders, also known as restraining orders, are another option if your ex continues to harm or threaten to harm you or your children. 

Consult with a Family & Divorce Attorney to Seek Assistance at Rodier Family Law

When it comes to the safety and rights of your children, the attorneys at Rodier Family Law understand that you will stand for nothing but the utmost protection and security. If you are concerned for your child’s safety during visitation, it is important to know that you are not alone. The experienced and knowledgeable family and divorce lawyers at Rodier Family Law are here to provide you with the representation, guidance, and support you need and deserve. To consult with one of our trusted and qualified attorneys, contact our Bel Air office today.