4 Things You Should Avoid in the Midst of a Custody Case

If you are currently going through a divorce, adding on a battle over the custody of your children can add another layer of stress and uncertainty. It is important to understand how decisions you make as a parent can affect your child custody case. In order to ensure the best outcome in your case, you should keep in mind certain actions and behaviors that prove less favorable to a judge. Below, our Bel Air child custody lawyers at Rodier Family Law outline four measures you should avoid in the midst of your custody case.


Do Not Lie About the Situation at Hand


As a parent seeking the custody of your children, you want to portray yourself in the best light possible, which means remaining truthful.

Never lie about your past parenting mistakes. No parent is perfect. Instead, aim to highlight your best parenting qualities, acknowledge those mistakes or struggles and how you either have, or plan to, overcome them. Not only will a judge be able to find out the truth in the end, but lying to a judge or officer of the court is perjury, an offense which can greatly impact your credibility and chances of winning custody.


Do Not Cut Off Your Child’s Other Parent


Your willingness to effectively co-parent is another crucial aspect that the judge will take into consideration in your custody case. Creating a parenting plan that allows your child to have regular contact with both parents, along with agreeing to facilitate parent-child visits, can demonstrate to a judge that you support your child’s family relationships.

Abusing visitation rights, slandering your ex, or refusing to allow communication between your child and their other parent can harm your chances of receiving custody.


Do Not Rush To Move in With Someone New


Your current and future living arrangements are another integral part of a judge’s considerations during a custody battle. You must be able to prove that you can provide a healthy, stable and nurturing environment for your child, and a new partner entering the picture too soon could impact the result of your case. Their family, medical, or criminal history could play a significant factor in a judge’s decision, as well as if they have children of their own who will be living with you and your child.

The judge’s decision with regard to custody will be based on what the judge finds to be in your child’s best interest, so any new potential risks to your child’s living situation will be taken into great consideration.


Do Not Disappear


During your battle over custody arrangements, it is extremely crucial that you are easily reachable, as one of the worst things you could possibly do is completely disappear. You should be as readily available as possible to communicate with your lawyer, participate in  the court process, and in most circumstances even communicate with your ex if needed throughout the entirety of the court proceeding.

Moreover, as a custodial parent, you are often not able to relocate with your child without the court’s approval or the agreement of the other party. To ensure that your case runs as smoothly as possible and leaves you with the greatest chances for winning custody, keep the best interest of your child in mind and stay in regular contact with your attorney and your ex as needed to show your willingness and ability to co-parent effectively.


Do Not Hesitate to Seek Assistance from the Maryland Child Custody Attorneys at Rodier Family Law


The battle for legal and physical custody of your children can become a lengthy process quite quickly, causing you to become easily overwhelmed. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney can ensure the best possible outcome is reached during the legal process.

The family law attorneys at Rodier Family Law are here to help you and are willing to provide you with the guidance and support you need throughout your entire case. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, contact our Bel Air office today: call (410) 803-1839.